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ProViking -achievements during five years

The Foundation decided in 2002 to support research through the ProViking programme in the area of Product Realisation in the amount of SEK 180 million over the five-year period, 2003 – 2007.

Included in the programme is a National Graduate Research School which started in 2003. The programme is also supporting a new concept of making research results available to industry - the Result Center.

In all about fifty different companies and organizations are involved in ProViking. Twelve of the fifty companies are small, so-called SMEs.

Summary of some results
  • During the five-year period there have been three calls for proposals. Funds have been granted to 18 different research projects involving close cooperation between academia and industry. Three of the projects have their main focus in the area of Management, 8 in Production and 7 in Design.
  • Over 80 PhD students have been enrolled in the National Graduate Research School. In October 2007, 50 licentiates and 28 doctors have been graduated from the school.
  • A Result Center has been developed to help industry find researchers and research results.
  • To boost production knowledge in Swedish industry and academia, an IVA project entitled ”Produktion för Konkurrenskraft” (Production for Competitiveness) has been headed and largely funded by ProViking.
  • To further increase the focus on production in Sweden, a ”Production Academy” has been established with support from ProViking.
  • Media training has been offered to all project leaders and PhD students. A great number of video films have been produced, briefly explaining the ongoing research.
  • Three ”Result Days” have been held in Stockholm, Göteborg and Linköping to present and discuss the research results.
The ProViking National Graduate Research School

The National Graduate Research School, hosted by Chalmers University of Technology, started its activities in 2003 with a budget of SEK 30 million. The school is a virtual or networking school with the participation of the universities in Göteborg, Halmstad, Jönköping, Stockholm, Linköping, Luleå and Lund.

This new research school covers the entire field of product realisation. All research students taking part in the ProViking projects will join the school, which is also open to other research students in product realisation.

The Result Center

The ProViking Board decided to apply a new concept to make research results from the ProViking projects available to other companies than those involved in the particular projects.

The concept consists of two main parts. The first part is a seminar programme that made several tours around the country to different companies. The research results and the people behind the research were presented at the seminars.

The second part has a different perspective, namely to make research results available on a website. Research results as well as the people involved can easily be searched for on the web. To learn about recent results please visit

The future

In consideration of the success of ProViking and the needs of Swedish industry, the Board of the Foundation decided in October 2007 to extend the programme for another six years, with funding in the amount of SEK 210 million. To follow further developments, visit

Text: Lars Frenning




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